Pushing the limits of materials and functions further than before is our passion in creating and developing new products. We provide our users with products they will like to use again and again.

Business to Business    In the business-to-business market we offer our clients intelligent product development and design. It is our pride to accompany our client through the stages of the design process from research, trend watching, initial ideas until the first prototype ready for the production.

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Véronique Baer combines the precision and premium quality of her home country Switzerland and the experimental creative side of the Netherlands in her designs. She graduated from the Design School ECAL in Lausanne, Switzerland in 2011 and moved to the Netherlands in February 2013 where she founded her own design studio “Product Design – Véronique Baer“. Véronique’s designs are playful, simple and functional. She likes to experiment with different materials and functions and putting them in unusual contexts to approach a new product. After she opened up the space for creativity to the maximum, she reduces it to the most important aspects to keep the final product as simple and user friendly as possible. This leads to unique and surprising products with a strong character as for example the “BOUNCE” chair or the bookshelf “Kill Bill”.

Job offers

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